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Aerobatic over Perth

Experience the thrill of aerobatics in a CT 4 currently used by the RAAF in fighter pilot training! Whether you're an adrenalin junkie or want something a bit more subtle we can customise to what u want...
Mild to Wild!

$400 for 1 hour

Take the journey of a fighter pilot starting with a full pre flight safety and briefing session then experience the excitement of loops, rolls, and other aerobatic manoeuvres

Phone (08) 9417 2986 or 0419172986

or email us at for more information or bookings

or 2b Maule Road, Jandakot Airport, Perth Western Australia

Gift Certificates Available Gift Certificates Available

Acrobatic or Aerobatic

Acrobatic flight means manoeuvres intentionally performed by an aircraft involving an abrupt change in its attitude, an abnormal attitude or an abnormal variation in speed. The Civil Aviation Safety Authority defines an acrobatic flights as a stall or turn in which the bank exceeds 60 degrees. The term acrobatic flight is more commonly referred to as aerobatics within the aviation industry. Commonly performed aerobatic manoeuvres include loops, aileron rolls, snap rolls, stall turns, spins, Cuban eights, tail slides and tumbles or lomcevaks.

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